Tips Eliminate Cigarette Addiction

Tips Eliminate Cigarette Addiction

Quitting smoking is difficult, especially if you've hooked. Even so, it does not mean you can not leave this bad habit.

Try the following tips, which is actually the experience of an ex-smoker. Kick this one stop smoking, do it gradually. From day kehari, it reduced the number of cigarettes smoked, until finally she had parted from the trunks of cigarettes.

However, such a stance to stop smoking that is applied many others, a strong determination remains a major capital. Like what stage she is doing, consider the following:

* Prepare the inner, round it off determination to quit smoking.
* Avoid / stop drinking coffee. Replace with sweet tea or candy.
* Try and drink a few glasses of water each time up in the morning.
* Next, make a schedule:

* Date 1-7: avoid smoking before 10:00 am. Allowed to smoke every day but it should be remembered only allowed after 10:00 o'clock.
* Date 8-14: Do not smoke before 12:00 o'clock noon (lunch).
* On 15-21: Do not smoke before 15:00 o'clock in the afternoon.
* On 22-28: Do not smoke before 17:00 o'clock in the afternoon.
* Date of 29-3: do not smoke before 20:00 pm (dinner).
* Try smoking at 10:00 am on 22. You will feel the bitterness of cigarette smoke and the smell that will make you hate cigarettes.

When the temptation to smoke is still annoying, try to divert attention by following mild exercise, jogging, and so forth. The most important habit of drinking water.

Do not be satisfied, if you have completed this program. Therefore, there are still threats that await you. Yag greatest threat comes from your friends who happens to smokers and usually will offer a cigarette.

However, if you made it through the transition period - at least a week - the opportunity for you to really get out of the trap of tobacco, very big.

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