Keeping Equipment Healthy Body Healthy Living With a Pattern

Keeping Equipment Healthy Body Healthy Living With a Pattern

In everyday life we should always prioritize the health of our body and soul because it was delicious and also healthy there is a saying that someone will not appreciate his own health when he was still healthy. Once the importance of health so that there are people who are willing to pay billions of rupiah for their own health when he was sick.

The following tips are examples of activities that we can live in our everyday world. Activities or those activities into the implementation of healthy lifestyles, namely:

1. Evade / Stop The Fool The Disgusting Habits

Activities stupid for some people presumed / considered as activities that are cool, macho and slang is like smoking, drinking, using drugs / narcotics / other additive substances that cause addiction. Just imagine if you have been hit by one of the foolish activities above, so a person can spend a lot of money to buy opium, to the cost of future medical treatment, waste time trying to buy and consume these illicit goods.

Using these disgusting things certainly add to our sins doubled because of the impact / effect is not just us who feel alone, but also others such as parents, friends, family, boyfriends, and others.

2. Do not Make Free Sex Relationships Outside Marriage

Sex is good for some people. But it would be honorable and terpujinya if sex is done in a responsible manner and with the blessing of many people. Most sex is underrated for the couple who used to do it or for people who easily aroused without a strong faith.

Impact resulting from pre-marital sex free sex is such as:
a. pregnant outside of marriage and the man running away from responsibility.
b. exposed to infectious diseases like AIDS that there is no cure.
c. major sins to God
d. ostracized from society and society
e. raided by police / Satpol PP / Civil Defence
f. own girlfriend murdered, raped, etc..
g. addicted to orgasms and grow into a dangerous phase.
h. beginning of the foolish activities of a number above.
i. mate when the going gets difficult marriage seriously.
j. lying to parents, families, relatives, friends, etc..
k. and many more due to the bad.

The purpose of sex to get the climax / orgasm many deified by many people who are lost and they will find another victim to be taken and dragged into the black valley. If berhbungan with the opposite sex or same-sex without marriage should not see it if ngesex delicious sides, but look at the negative side very much. You will be disgusted to do it.

3. Eat Healthy Food And Match Rules

Good food is not necessarily healthy. Many foods and beverages that dangerous and unhealthy if consumed. Examples include the use of borax and formaldehyde as a preservative for foods and beverages that should digonakan to preserve the corpse / corpse / carcass.

When snacks do not be careless. Buy food and beverages where it can be assured of cleanliness / hygiene of food drink. Be careful and always alert terhada whatever we put in our mouths because it could have a drink or food we buy and ready to eat has been mixed with hazardous toxic substances like arsenic, sleeping pills, seangga poison, rat poison, pengewet not for the food and beverage, and others. See also cleanliness of the venue and the selection of raw materials processing and food / beverage.

Do not be easily tempted by ads on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, sales, and so forth. Sometimes the producers lied to get too big profits and cooperate with government personnel in order to keep your mouth shut.

Eat nutritious foods and beverages that are adjusted for body condition, activity and age. Eat before the hungry and stop eating before satiety is a good habit. Never forget with four perfectly healthy five that we often hear from old times. Eating a balanced nutritional intake because of what we eat will continue to represent ourselves in the future.

4. Keeping Yourself And Environmental Hygiene Environmental

Cleanliness self care and well guarded as it related / closely related to how we look at the general public. neatness and cleanliness of the body such as hair, nails, face, eyes, ears, skin, mouth, teeth, hands, feet, etc. can give effect to the overall body health. Avoid exchanging toiletries, primp, health, personal clothing with other people because it may be able to transmit dangerous diseases.

Just imagine if someone can cause acute dental pain he did not come to work for days because of intolerable pain. People who have a slovenly appearance and style that would be shunned from the daily interactions and will be difficult to make friends, boyfriend, partner, employment, trust and others.

Keep the environment clean of waste and environmental disease because the environment can affect the health of our bodies. Piled and rotting garbage can remove this smell / tasty, the view that slum / dirty, the sound of flies that were flying, the sound of curses people who were around him, and so forth.

Garbage can also be a rat's nest spreaders that spread diseases such as leptospirosis penyekit through rat urine and tipes / typhoid. Mosquitoes can also spread the seeds that can berkibat melaria plasmodium and dengue fever in man. flies which spread bacteria and viruses that cause gastrointestinal diseases such as beri-beri, dysentery, diarrhea, and so forth.

Pollution such as rubbish and toilet waste household, industrial waste, noise pollution, and other pollutants need to be solved with a swift and well coordinated between the members of the community in an environment that produces results lingungan good clean and comfortable

5. Exercise And Health Into Your doctor checked Periodic

Regular exercise can stimulate the heart, respiratory and blood circulation becomes better. Make a habit of exercising every day with a light activity such as walking, gymnastics, fitness, jogging, biking, or doing sports management like to play badminton, soccer, marathon running, tennis, basketball, and others.

In addition there is another sport that is not less important to the sport of periodic health check regularly to the doctor. Order a medical examination is programmed so that disease or disorder that may arise can be detected more quickly so that treatment would not be costly, time and energy.

6. Avoid Stress: What It sucks in a healthy way and Halal

To avoid the stress required strategies for each individual. Find the best way to relieve stress with your own easy way, it can be done everywhere, cheap, healthy, kosher, and delicious made. Examples of activities such as the removal of stress is by listening to personal music and ngilangin good to hear that there are loads of mind, playing video games, music playing music, sport, chat ama temen pal friend, vent, non-gambling card maen, healthy dating, eating, doing conjugal relationship / sex with a legitimate partner, hanging out in the lavatories, a trip to the mall, singing, playing a small children's toys, gardening, fishing, shouted in a quiet place, to bed / sleep, and so forth.

The point in your life is nyantai aja with all the problems that exist. Why should hard (stress), it was hard to no avail. Do not let your emotions become your evil and self-control, because the emotion becomes uncontrollable and sometimes resentment, hurt, etc. that look foolish to others. There are issues / problems that can make your depression is unaffected aja, kayak others are just not there job.

Enough sleep, bonding with Almighty God according to religion and beliefs of each origin is not evil, and implement a healthy lifestyle can prevent stress and depression that if the already severe and chronic mental disorders and could be a mental illness that makes your taste depressed and ashamed of the people. Consult with a psychologist if you have mental problems or other people who you trust if you are embarrassed. Open your heart to accept criticism, feedback and suggestions from others and change your lifestyle if necessary for the health of the soul / mind you.

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