Job problems, family or personal problems that accumulate unnoticed can cause long effects on the body and soul. The situation is what is often called stress.
Weeks to prevent the things that are not desirable, it helps us to avoid stress in the following ways:

Positive energy
Remove ponditif energy within us to always think optimistically in the face of every problem. Realize that in every problem there must be a way out. Better not be too hard on myself for every plan we have made may not necessarily be achieved. Be more flexible sehinggan we can better enjoy the beauty of life. Maintain health
In a healthy body there is a strong soul, keep our body health with regular exercise, adequate sleep, and consumption of nutritious foods, can stimulate the body's Sports endorphine release, is the substance that makes the body feel good, so that people exercise yan terautu usually supported also a healthy diet and good rest.

Control your emotions
The easiest way to control your emotions is to drink a lot of white water when the emotions started to peak. White water can calm the emotions and helps us to think more clearly. Emotions can lead to excessive stress. Be more patient and think more widely in order to understand any issues with clarity.

Short break
Spend a little time to rest. Use a good holiday, especially to pamper yourself and get out of their daily routine. Gathered with family or friends is one way to cultivate positive energy and a new spirit.

Do not buried our problems alone. As the proverb which says, that what friends are for. By sharing stories to people we trust, then the burden we will feel lighter and do not settle in the mind. Increase sense of humor, clinical secar, humor can also be used to overcome stress, and humor also needs to be done so that not too tense nerves and body can relax.

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