Do You Know Why It's More Fun ............?! Slender

Do You Know Why It's More Fun ............?! Slender

Have you tried to diet but failed only because of hungry eyes. Pengennya's stop snacking but klo fit again there are people selling meatballs through ato others, began deh mouth watering .....! Uh ... Uh ... Uh ...

Well, for that read this paper to motivate you avoid the temptation to interfere with your diet program. Fear and realized ..... because this is also for the kindness you ....! Let us respect ourselves and appreciate the gift of HIS by keeping our bodies healthy and fit 1. Slim = long life

One study showed that overweight condition can trigger the production of the hormone leptin and estrogen, the hormone that encourages the development of abnormal cells that lead to tumors. By losing weight, you'll avoid some types of cancer. According to a study at the University of Minnesota on 22 000 women
as long as seven years old, overweight woman who managed to lose weight is around 10-15% of body weight can reduce breast cancer risk as much as 21%.

Obesity can also cause hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and stroke because of blockage of blood flow by the amount of fat and fatty gruel LDL in some vital organs of our. What will happen to klo heart, liver, kidney and pancreas we collapsed because of obesity, it seems like life would not hesitate matipun.

Researchers from the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston found that symptoms of diabetes is reduced when 24 people on average of over 10-25 pounds, lost about 7% of initial body weight. In diabetics, insulin function disorders can also cause disturbances in fat metabolism (dyslipidemia). This can be seen from the increased levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, and lower HDL (good cholesterol). This condition can cause chatter creates plaque in blood vessels (atherosclerosis) that cause blood vessel diameter decreases. Tail, the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke increases. If we lean, we can prolong life by medical science.
2. Slim = strong, fit and energetic

Obesity makes difficult the road, new 5-minute foot path already feels Pegel and struggling breath. Ato klo dah have grandchildren, nieces and nephews could not be stronger nggendong long. For those of men willing to work overtime tonight ato sport can not last long, huh ...... dah new dicelupin capeeeeeek deeeeeh out ...!!!! Imagine if your big belly and then climbed on top of your wife, what's not afraid of your wife's illness shortness of breath ...?

According to researchers from Wake Forest University, which has the size of their waist and hip circumference above 75 cm will decrease in muscle strength. Consequently, they no longer had enough energy to perform various activities. Come on, lower the weight now so you have enough energy to perform active, including office work and busy with work home without appearing sluggish. Usually, people do seem more nimble slim right?
3. Slim = pede
Many times I have met people who are overweight and then I gave a brochure about healthy info and some of them feel harassed when my intention is to help solution for healthy living. Most fat people will experience a sense of self-conscious and less confident that resulted in their being a bit overakting respond to something because of all the things associated with obesity they respond directly to the NEGATIVE thoughts. They're actually conscious but there is no strong motivation to get them to change and find solutions. This is very contradictory if we give information about the beauty / health info to the slim, the tendency of them is smiling and responding positively. That's understandable because they are very confident with their bodies, something we do not encounter in the fat. In conclusion, being overweight can make you into the mindset of people with NEGATIVE.
4. Slim = free clothes what and where aja ... aja!
Want to wear a little more strict, but shy with abdominal fat deposits are printed on the shirt? Want to wear baggy clothes, then practically lag model & not born-born pregnant. Awry trim it ... If you do not need to worry anymore. Aja wear what model, you need not bother to hide the deposit of fat in the belly! yuuuukk ..... You can also buy clothes where aja normal size. We klo slender, more rural roads in the mall ... yuuukk.
5. Slim = knee durable awake

Boro-boro pake pretty or high-heeled shoes, you can lho difficulty walking or moving because of the fat. Because excess weight will give greater weight to the knee joint. If allowed, could cause inflammation in the knee joints (osteoarthritis). Symptoms include, pain in the knee joint and may also be followed by swelling.
When you have severe, joints become stiff and can also be difficult to walk.

Research at the Centers For Disease Control & Prevention says that the increase in body weight increases the risk of arthritis in the knee joints of 10-15% in women and 50-10% in men. Mothers aged> 60 years who suffer from obesity are particularly vulnerable to problems lulut. Most of them will have difficulty getting up from sitting and when sholat.So Slim .... can make us pray with Khushuu '
6. Slim = live in prosperity
Obesity can invite disease. Starting from the trivial, such as joint pain, up to the heavyweights such as: hypertension, diabetes, heart attack, stroke and some cancers. If you suffer from the disease, the burden of very high morals. Nyusahin addition, costs incurred to recover any definitely much depleted. So guys, ... You try to follow the suggestions above you, lower your weight is 50-10%, Insha Allah you will save expenses for medical treatment for one full year or more. The effect kitya can use our budget for other things more useful, especially for our children. Klo slim .... we could be more frugal, tul not ....??
7. Slim = breath smoothly

Excess fat can also suppress the respiratory tract that can cause the disorder sleep apnea, the cessation of breathing during sleep. Disorders such as this, over time can lead to heart failure and can lead to death. Aaawwww ..... IIhhhh Sereeeem!

The fact is also supported by a study conducted at the University of Ottawa on 50 obese women. When their body weight decreased by 10%, lung function will be increased by 5% And when they lose 25% of initial weight, strength bernafasny will increase 10%. So guys ... snoring could be due to obesity lhooo ...
8. So slim = normal hormonal
This can be characterized by irregular menstrual cycles, cysts, endometriosis, and even DIFFICULT PREGNANCY! This is a sign that your body has a hormone imbalance. In adult women, hormonal imbalances usually occur because of obesity. The most extreme, can lead to hyperandrogenism -> a situation where the amount of androgen hormones increase. As a result, too, happened hirsutism (masculine signs), such as acne, hair growth on face and body, and some sound changes become more severe.

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